I'm Tanja Oberst
UX & UI designer

I design usable and delightful experiences to connect users and technology

About me

What drives me?

I love exploring possibilities and I'm always searching for challenges to improve my output – That’s why I decided to specialize on mobile design and development at Hyper Island in Stockholm, ”The Digital Harvard” as Venture Village calls it.  My forte lies in combining user, business, and development goals to develop relevant user-centered ideas and prototypes. In my spare time I love coding in HTML/CSS and programming with Objective-C. I'm passionate about building a bridge between designers and developers.

How do I reach these goals?

My design decisions are based on user insights, considering the opinions of cross-functional team members, and reaching my design goals through rapid iterations.

How do I keep up with the fast paced digital world?

I believe in the collective collaborative power of a team. In my daily routine, I seek to challenge and to be challenged, in order to improve myself.  My high level of interpersonal skills and experience provides a catalyst for efficient team work.

Latest work

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